adj: used to emphasize the extremeness of something
"dude did you see that cliff drop?" "yeah man that was gnarbar"
by Sam Marsden December 26, 2006
Top Definition
the gnarliest of the gnarliest, best of the best, the most wicked thing you could ever see or do.
That shit is gnar bar!
Lets go out out and get some gnar bar ass!
That wave you got was gnar bar bro!
by Lucas Marsalek September 06, 2007
A shortened term for the American musician, Gnarls Barkley. He is know for musical styles like Funk and Contemporary R&B.
Fran: Dude I love Gnar Bar's shit!
Matt: Yea, I'd do him if I had the chance.
Fran: What did you just say?
Matt: Oh nothing.
by StraightJewHoots October 02, 2009
Energy bar. Three different flavors: Peanut butter & Honey, Chocolate and Mixed Fruit.
Yo bro, that gnarbar was so good. Now I'm all amped to shred some gnar! Let's go get our gnar-boots and get sick!
by gnarmy January 09, 2011
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