Awesome, or really cool; a shortened word for gnarley; used by high school students sarcastically
Brendan O'Neill and Jack Wall say," Hoobastank and Hinder shred the gnar."
by Mkahn November 12, 2006
noun. A local grafiti artist in Detroit, and the surrounding suburbs.
Hey, Who is Gnar? What does Gnar mean?
by Daniel Canterbury February 26, 2005
A slang term for the word nigger
That filthy fuckin gnar stole my bike

Those dumb gnars can't do anything but play in the NBA
by R-Jizzle June 05, 2007
Representing the characteristics of gnarly.
Example: Joshua Schultz
by Bill bateman September 01, 2004
A retard...
Homeless Bob is the biggest gnar.
by Cody, Robb, and Meggy May 18, 2003

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