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cool, crazy, nice
-That is a gnar picture
-I told him to make a gnar face
by Gwyn May 11, 2003
10 28
Something gross and unapetising, while sometimes cool. it is the best word around. mostly like the F word, it can be used for like anything. its one of those words. a lot of the time it is for a kids face, or mannerism. that is disgusting and repulsive. or just sad.
"dude did you see the fricken kid today? the one with the face?"

"Yeah that kid was god damn gnar, he was basically gnar gnar binks."

"yea he was. damn that kid was so gnar town i wanted to give him the key to the city of gnar town."

by Nickelsey January 05, 2005
19 38
A term skiers often us to describe the snow type.
WOW that powder was gnar.
by jake February 08, 2003
16 38
The height of excellence...
Metallica, are gnar
by leehimself September 05, 2003
8 31
Awesome, or really cool; a shortened word for gnarley; used by high school students sarcastically
Brendan O'Neill and Jack Wall say," Hoobastank and Hinder shred the gnar."
by Mkahn November 12, 2006
10 36
noun. A local grafiti artist in Detroit, and the surrounding suburbs.
Hey, Who is Gnar? What does Gnar mean?
by Daniel Canterbury February 26, 2005
9 36
A slang term for the word nigger
That filthy fuckin gnar stole my bike

Those dumb gnars can't do anything but play in the NBA
by R-Jizzle June 05, 2007
6 40