Skateboarding lingo used to describe someone who is skating very well and landing everything.
"I put on my gnar boots and tore it up at the park."
by Spenser May 07, 2005
Top Definition
A statement made when referring to something which is totally rad.
That switch cab five was gnar boots!
by Mike Smith May 22, 2004
something which occurs that is completely insane, more or less used within the snow/skateboard crowd
1) that trick was gnarboots man!

2) my chick was completely gnarboots last night...
by sandboxplaya? August 18, 2008
Metaphorical footwear that indicates how gnarly the wearer is, often in reference to the tightness of said footwear. Background: extreme sports.
$*&%! He's got his gnar boots strapped on!
by The_Cool April 06, 2005
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