noun. An extremely obese person ususally found with a mobility scooter and a feeder
by Georgie76 June 22, 2011
Top Definition
A blowjob when the giver has water in his/her mouth
Tom: heard u got a gobby
Sam: not just that, a glup
Tom: nice
by Big Timmah February 27, 2014
the dried cotton mouth gunk built up around the lips or sides of mouth. dried lip boogers. gunk built up on mouth piece of pipes.
after smoking that blunt, billy wiped his mouth on his sleave and saw a smear of glup.
by mrspiclet March 07, 2008
1. To vomit in one's mouth; 2. to expel a small mouthful of vomit.
She glupped on her shirt.
by campaxamillus August 01, 2009
2. (n) A serving spoon full of food or a scoop of ice cream.
Just give me two glups.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
to drink large quanities of liquid
dude, she gulped that one
by scott d g April 24, 2003
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