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During the act of oral sex, one holds thier flatuence until the point of orgasm and then releases the fart while ejaculating
A: "What the hell was that?"
Brian: "That was a Glumpkin, bitch"
by Swiss Cheddah January 01, 2008
Similar to the Blumpkin, however the oral sex received by the male while taking a dump is given by a person with no teeth. (Blumpkin + Gummer = Glumpkin)
Your toothless whore of a grandmother sure can give a mean Glumpkin!
I'm going to punch out your sister's teeth so she can give me a true Glumpkin.
by Steve Fron Superior January 20, 2009
a dirty sloppy wet gumby when taking a massive shit

its a gumby and a blumpkin at the same time
yo my nigg the other day i was takeing my shit when your grandma walked in and delerious as she was she gave me a nasty glumpkin.

his nigg: WTF AWWWWWLLGHGFGHG mmhm,m dude wtf why... i think im gonna uhuh ..... i think i- im gonna go get one ill see ya later bro.
by harry s taint September 21, 2011
Receiving a blumpkin from someone who has no teeth. (Gummer + Blumpkin)
Your grandmother gave me an excellent glumpkin
by Steve From Superior January 20, 2009
The process of getting head whilst playing video games!
Wow dude!" "Last night totally rocked my socks off, because I finally got a glumpkin from your sister!
by xXJoHnNy Boy October 10, 2010
while getting oral sex you play guitar hero
I wouldnt stop playing guitar hero when my girlf friend was over, so she ended up giving me a glumpkin
by rob cali February 29, 2008
When a dude recives oral sex (from a girl or a guy)while taking a shit on the toilet.
Yeah i liked that girl, but she wouldnt even gimme a glumpkin so i droped that bitch.
by -spartan- March 15, 2003
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