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The use of gluesticks instead of glowsticks to create effects with light that usually stimulate those under the influence of drugs. Similar to glowsticking.
SmartRaveBoi: Hey take a look at that guy, that's a phat lightshow.
DumbRaveBoi: I can do I lightshow too! *Swings gluestick* Yay, I'm cool!!!

*SmartRaveBoi thwacks gluesticking DumbRaveBoi*
by teh_pwnerer2 May 18, 2006
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Whilst having sex, pull your penis out of whatever hole it may be in, and cum somewhere on her. Then, using the head of your penis, rub the cum around in a circular motion, just like using a gluestick! :)
"Dude, last night, I was fuckin' this hoe, and I whipped it out and began glue-sticking her all over her stomach.
"Dude, sweet."

Glue-sticking; verb; to glue-stick
by Zephyrgust March 22, 2008
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