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A massive a cum session
That bitch got Glopped on.
by Uli April 29, 2005
To squeeze a gel substance or thick liquid out of a tube or other container.
This is the sound of the substance hitting a surface.
She glopped the KY out of the tube to remedy her dryness.
by Rabid Squirrel May 20, 2003
is the thing you eat and is slimey but yet thick
get that glop son

get some of that glop son

look at all that glop
#glop #son #lw #bm #get
by bmlw July 30, 2008
Cafeteria food, especially that found in high schools whose districts are dirt poor. *Sneeze *TTHS*Sneeze*
Don't eat food that goes glop, even if it resembles pizza or beef stew..
by Shawn B. May 27, 2003
Verb. Onomatopoeic word for masturbate.
Noun. Semen.
There was nothing Pete liked better in the morning than a good hard glop.
by tom August 04, 2003
The standard unit of measurement used to describe one "spurt" of cum.
"I think he really likes me Brenda, he hit me with about three or four glops last night!"
#cum #sperm #splooge #nut #seed
by SlapperOfHams May 10, 2015
1. Someone who acts like a clown or like they're drunk
2. A very immature person
3. A person who you may want to slap on occasions

1. to annoy
2. to frighten extremely
3. to attack

1. to be wierd
2. to be drunk, under the influence
3. to be the most annoying person ever
Emily: "Did you see The Rev? He was drunk off his ass!"
Olivia: "Hellyeah! He is such a glop!"

Olivia: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Emily, hey Emily, hey Em-"

Olivia: "H-hey, hey, hey E-emily! Pass the J.D.!"
Emily: "You're being totally gloppish tonight."
#wierd #crazy #drunk #high #annoying #random #awesome
by MrsDickCuzImNasty June 15, 2009
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