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1) To rub ones genitals agents an object marking it for ownership 2) to own pwn on someone or something with your genitals

every car i owned i would gloonge it at lease once the first day i drove it, this would often result in a gloo; also spelled Gloondge

Episode seven, season three of Yes Dear named "Wife Swap", Jimmy was playing a game of scrabble with Kim and he asked "is Gloonge a word?" later in a plot to get their to spouses back, Kim told jimmy "so why don't you go Gloonge yourself" in return Jimmy responded "I knew that was a word!"
both Becky and Jeff Gloonged their new car in celebration; Rob Gloonged his new iPhone; after Robert beat David he Gloonged upon Davids forehead; Kate chose to Gloonge Roberts Ice Cream sandwich while he was in the bathroom; my dog Taylor seems to gloonge every new item we bring into the house
by Cosmic Pope October 26, 2010
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