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The act to lovingly not sexually sit upon, harass or caress a person.
I glomph
You glomph
He/She/It glomphs
We glomph
They glomph
Every(flipping)body glomphs
by Egypt November 15, 2005
5 19

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Is my legal middle name!

and has been, for over 40 years.

It applies to my mascot, the one-footed creature in hi-top basketball sneakers.

My full name is Jerry Glomph Black
by Jerry Glomph Black December 17, 2003
45 36
is a very tight hug given by one person to another.
Beth glomphed Tony.
by Tony November 12, 2003
42 38
the GLOMPH is a comic figure createt 33 years a go. he is nite and wise
you can meet the glomph at
by Bernd westphal January 03, 2005
6 26
the affectionate act of eating another person.
* nick1 glomphs nick2
by asdf December 06, 2003
4 36
The act of devouring an underaged girl, a small animal, or feces.

The mating call of a Marachan.
Derek glomphs Alisa and her dog Missy every morning.

If Big Joe yells "glomph," run as fast as you can!
by Mario Rogic February 19, 2003
4 40