A super nerd that lives at home in his moms basement. He enjoys meatloaf and nachos. Usually very pimply and a minimum weight requirement of 250 pounds. Occupations of gloivens include: Comic book stores, Movie rental, Video game store or unemployment. Hobbies can include Playing with warhammer and speaking elf language. Men with pony tails are a sure sign of a gloiven and pale skin as well. Unkept smell is a major factor.
Do you smell that? I think theres a gloiven around the corner.

That place is a total Gloiven fest.

I don't want to do that. Its way to gloiven.
by Bowmanville July 18, 2009
Top Definition
Believed to be the Jewish slang for anus, or a random exclamation of enjoyment. Often a source of pain, pain in the gloiven.
Frink: 100% chance of PAIN! PAIN in da gloiven!
by matt October 24, 2003
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