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small town about 5 miles northwest of philadelphia
possibly the greatest place to live under any circumstances...
bored? i am positive someone has a party going on, or go down to keswick village some one is always there, its a walk away from anywhere in glenside. theres tons of great people here, everyone knows everyone, and theres always someone new in the nieghborhood. if u wanna see football, hockey, baseball or basketball game south philly is about 25 mins away. i love glenside and everything about it. LUKES OWNED AND OPERATED.
Outsider: Soo, whats there to do here in glenside?
Glensidian: Are you kidding?
Outsider: No
Glensidian: Wow, you dont belong here. Leave now and never come back!
by chris manero August 27, 2006
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Absolute monarchy on the outskirts of Phildelphia under the jurisdiction of the omnipotent ruler Timothy Merlini. Though a harsh and ruthless king, he represents G-Side well in the forms of getting fucked up, fucking bitches and, last but certainly not least, getting money (on the reg!). Though Glenside is a landlocked territory, its residents can be seen partying on yachts. Also home to Tommy Gunz (aka Choppa, the Chicago piano, the rap Leonidus, etc.) who has been known to snap a few necks and, subsequently, cash a few checks. See ya at Brooke muhfucka
Tiiim: YEOo!
Glensidian: (bows) Your highness! The town has gone to ruins! Plague and famine have ravished our once mighty kingdom. Our women and children have become slaves. Our men fight yet they die fighting. Hope is lost!
Tim: Yea but we can still get merked with some bitties.
T-Gunz: Yea I don't give a fuck! Glenside!
by Wayne Brady18 October 01, 2009
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the first definiton got it perfect. It's officially the greatest town in the history of civilization. one note though, GLENSIDE is always spelled entirely in capital letters, thus to signify it's excellence over crap towns that only capitalize their first letter. GLENSIDE is a mainly all upper-middle class, Irish, roman catholic town, with tremendous pride, toughness, class and tolerance of alcohol. GLENSIDE owns anything and everything in the world.
GLENSIDE owns the following; Junkintown, Elkins park, Roslyn, Flowertown, Fox chase, Norf hills.
by GLEN SIDE December 26, 2007
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Home of THE MAN, Pete Walsh...Where thugs are born, and thugs die. You either hate it or love it. G-SIDE PRIDE!
by Petey Crack February 28, 2005
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Glenside is a great place to be! every one knows everyone! the schools there are great! its pretty big..bigger than u would think. a popular spot it kewsick villge where a thetaer n places and other great store to go to. it seem like glenside has all ur need there.,
billy bob: yo glenside is the place to be!!
bill b: uhavent hear of glenside?
joe: never
billy b: *sigh* i need to teach u a lot
by phillies35 October 11, 2008
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complete shit whole people from there are just plain arrogant but you can not tell them other wise or else they will try to run from reality by getting so drunk they will have to be dragged out of the party by their poop stained underwear and the people there amount to nothing because they have no ambition to do things in life except have so much pride in getting fucked up and not careing about life the people will do anything to have sex with some chick that has been ridden more times than smarty jones and seattle slue and not to forget already has six open soars around and inside of their vaginal canal the people from glenside are a result of incest because everyone in the town is somehow related to one another by some odd way. all the people in glenside do is just go to someones basement and drink themselves retarted until they are 45 and all die from liver failure. if you live in glenside you should run to the next town because living there means you will do nothing with your life
Glenside: yo were awesome and we drink beer

outsider: and your the first
Glenside: fuck yea we are we practically invented that shit and no one can tell me otherwise because if you do i wont listen
Outsider: how naive
by Ross Piearo May 25, 2010
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