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GLECK (guh-lek) n. A gleck is a noise that is made when the penis hits the back off the throat while giving oral pleasure to a man or anything with a large appendage
"Shove that hot rod down my throat! gleck gleck gleck gleck gleck"
by Jeanne Darlington August 29, 2005
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GLECK (Gu-Leck) V. To overwhelm ones body with harm or an excess amount of drugs.
"What happened in the Ronda Rousey Vs Holly Holm fight ?

Holly glecked Ronda early in the second round."

"What happened to Snoop ?

He got glecked by the 2 gram dab."

Person 1- Takes fat bong rip and begins to cough violently.
Person 2- Yells "GLEEECCKK"
by 420hashoildabber July 30, 2016
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