To show a grasp or, comprehension, of a subject matter, material, or, functionality, with limited information, or time to fully understand or totally absorb, what it is we're seeing or doing.

Can be an intuitive first impression of a person place or thing

glean (to look within)
gleaned (past tense)
gleaning (absorbing, or, reflecting on)
I quickly gleaned enough, to fill in the pieces, and made it work.

I gleaned, he has a bad man.
by IMnobody June 28, 2009
Top Definition
To understand what someone is saying, to follow something someone said, or a concept that is being put forth. Similar words include gleaned and gleaning.
I glean that 2+2=4
I can't glean a single thing that moron was saying.

by adelews August 27, 2007
To dick slap a girl until she bleeds.
I gleaned her until her heart stopped.
by The Felcher Boys February 21, 2006
To repeatedly cock slap someone (that is, to slap someone with a penis) until they bleed.
Dude that girl got me mad yesterday so I gleaned her till her heart stopped.
by Paul & Cody April 14, 2006
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