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A dude who eats pussy
if you go down on a girl you are a glazer
by Carlos March 01, 2004
29 15
A sports car with racing stripes on the hood used exclusively in many gay porn DVDs. The gayest of all cars.
"What kind of car did you buy?"
"I got a '72 'Vette with racing stripes on the hood."
"You bought a glazer? HAHA. Serves you right."
by Gin Blozzom March 15, 2009
9 6
A slimy booger that is dripping out someone's nose.
Andy has a glazer coming out his nose.
by jjboy February 20, 2005
10 12
A person who makes donuts(Stupid People) look even more stupid than what they are.
P.1 Guess what imma do today?
P.2 What..........?
P.1 Perfect being smart.
P.2 but ur closer to being a complete dumbass why struggle?
by Chris The G April 28, 2004
4 19