the feeling you get when your asshole
becomes really sweaty...
also known as a kid that
loves too play jack and jill
on the hill!
makes porn of himself beating off
the piece of turd stick too your

pubic hair
turd burgerlar
dont masterbate too a camera
you will be a glashten
by nirk05 June 09, 2009
Top Definition
a multicolored dildo
huffs seimen
lives in never never land
looks up too mccauley kulkin
eats pebbles for breakfast
loves too choke the chicken
dont be a dirty glashten
dont be a dirty multicolored dildo
by dereks69 June 05, 2009
a little skinny bitch who doesnt know his elbow from his ass.

-smells of cabbage
-thinks dirt tastes good
-wears boxes on his feet for fun
-has a 6th finger located on his left foot

when in the presence of a glashten, prepare your knife, and fire.
"holey shit look at that glashten!"
by vincentUS February 05, 2009

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