A "glammahh" is a term used to describe an ethnic female. The term is commonly used as a female walks by with her cake-face, tan, and hair sprayed do, and delivered with an upturned chin and ethnic pout.
Mario : eyyy glammahh you greek?
Maria : Br0, you think you got a chance wit dis?

Dante : eyy glammahh, come fist pump at da club
Maria : ulehh, as long as you buy da drinks

Marco : eyyy glammahh, come for a ride in ma pimped out nissaaan
Maria : Br0, how big is da back seat?

Maria : eyy glammahh bitch,
Rhian : sluzzah, shut you mouth, or i can do it for you.
by kayla maginostro May 15, 2010

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