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ILLEGAL offroading that makes the general public frown upon LEGAL offroaders who fight to keep the few LEGAL trails left open.

And I hope the shitstains who posted the original definition shoot themselves in the fucking face
So we we were going to go gladin tonight, but instead we decided to toss each other's salad.
by Numidian December 13, 2006
To exagerate one's own experiences regarding illegal activities in order to boost one's own ego, especially in very public forums like Wikipedia. Subsequent beat down by a world wide audience that forces one to retract the lies is required to complete the 'gladin' cycle.
James, Dave, and Lance of Palm Beach Florida are the originators of gladin. Subsequent beatdown provided by intelligent off-highway vehicle enthusiasts world wide.
by fpferdave December 13, 2006
The act of driving aimlessly around the Everglades, on and off defined roads, for the supposed porpose of spotting aligators, but in reality just to have a good time, and/or trash a rental car (with rental insurance, of course).
Steve rented a brand new hummer to go gladin, and fell of the rickety-ass old wooden bridge.
by James N & Dave C May 04, 2006
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