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A word for when there is nothing left to say meant to throw off the competition.

"I can't believe you left me hanging there all alone, I never want to see you again!"

by makeoverguy April 07, 2009
a combination of the words 'good luck'. used as 'bye' in parts of ireland. also spelt: glac, g'lack, g'lac.
"right, im away"
by SkinnyEff May 18, 2008
The act of going down and choking on a cock.
Damn! She threw the neck and went GLACK! GLACK! GLACK!
by crankiestrobin June 20, 2011
A bird derived from the wedge in mount sinai, it is giant and has a huge dong. and used as a word and calling to other glacks and glackoloigists. There is only one person that preforms glackology.
Look at the size of that Glack. Its huge but my black snake will win
by Jimmy the glack June 24, 2009
Pussy fluid so sticky that it can be used as a powerful glue.
I couldn't pull out of the bitch because I was stuck in all her glack.
by Glime Masta July 16, 2003
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