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a combination of the words 'good luck'. used as 'bye' in parts of ireland. also spelt: glac, g'lack, g'lac.
"right, im away"
by SkinnyEff May 18, 2008
a large gathering of the same thing
on seeing a large group of blondes together
carla: blonde day out!

on seeing a group of people all wearing skinny jeans
orlaith: skinnies day out!
by SkinnyEff May 18, 2008
spastic spaghetti. used by russell brand in 'my booky wook'.
"The problem with rescuing baby birds is that it's very hard to get them to eat properly. You have to chop 'em up worms, which they don't want to eat. Which I quite understand because they look and smell awful, writhing on a spoon like spastic spaghetti (spazghetti?)"
by SkinnyEff May 18, 2008
something obvious, or exaggerated, or a large number of the same thing together, coming from 'alcoholics anonymous' - a gathering of alcoholics.
ellen: wow, that pic is tits anonymous!
lalo: its not that bad...

on seeing a group of rockers
eff: ahh rockers anonymous!
by SkinnyEff May 18, 2008
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