GK = Gay Kunt!

a.) A person that is untrustworthy.
b.) Unable to speak truth, as they believe their own lies completely.
c.) A person without morals, and knowledge of respect.
d.) Scum of the earth.
e.) Piss weak
f.) A dreamer
g.) Betrayer of all
h.) Internet tough guy
i.) homosexual man

1.) Youre such a gk fag!
2.) I'd rip the shit outta you gk!
3.) Ggay pussies (referring to more than one)
4.) I feel like gks eaten my shit

"other branches off the 'expression' are"
G-Gay, fancy pants, sissy boy, cum drinker, weakling, two face, Hershey slurper, no skill, Gatekeeper, Inspiredhost, retardo,
by shepardsbush August 31, 2008
Top Definition
short for " good kid"

opposite of a bad kid who sucks ass
(after getting beat in a video game)

Dudebro- wow we got slapped

Broseph- I know dude i hate it when we face a gk
by Alex ZaBs April 10, 2010
Go Kinky
horny? Gk for better orgasm

Gk is contraceptive

I thought her pussy was tight but when I insisted GK style... anal sex is a THOUSAND times more fucking awesome

Gk, as long as the position you fuck her in has her ass BELOW her pussy, anal sex is contraceptive (and not abortifacient like pussy on birth control)

Gk on the phone or cyber with her

Gk and jerk off to the sex video you shot with your girlfriend

The better your refractory period the more awesome Gk

If your girlfriend won't let you Gk in her ass dump her.

If a girlfriend refuses to Gk do a fucking video dump her.
by bluntly July 08, 2012
wow Alex is such a GK. he must run the gkc (good kid club).
by TheOGhodge December 13, 2009
Short for Gumma Killer, used as another word for pimp; someone who gets alot of women.
James: "Justin is with a couple of girls tonight"
Troy: "Really? He's such a GK!"
by Vendawish February 08, 2010
Ghetto King
"What's Gk stand for?"
"Oh, my real name is Gabrion but people call me Gk."
"So Ghetto King..."
by htt127 December 06, 2011
An online gaming clan that originated in 1998 in dark dusty basements in the Pacific Northwest (USA). The clan originally played Rainbow Six, but has since moved on to Battlefield 1942 and the subsequent releases and Mods. Many perpetrate to be GK, in fact many have stolen the name in hopes of contracting some of the skills possessed by the founding father. A clan in Europe has even made a website calling themselves GK. There is only one true GK!

The original founding fathers included:
GK_SWooP, GK_joneZr, GK_Slick, GK_Nooch, GK_Money$hot, and GK_Wheelsofsteel.

The meaning of GK is a secret held by the clan members themselves.

GK's have sworn oath to kill all smacktards.

"Bring it on Bitches" ~ GK_Money$hot
GK_Money$hot (M16): Smacktard
by Swoopert July 22, 2004
Gk is the meaning of Ginger Kid. In this case we call GK only to those ginger kids that surf the net and like to troll.
Hey, be careful with that GK, avoid him if you can.
by TheFiera November 06, 2011
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