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a go-kart powered by a Suzuki GSXR engine. So far their are the 750 gixxerkart(original) and the 1000 gixxerkart. the gokart's are basically made from shifter-kart frame's and gixxer engines and a guy with a lot of skill. yet to have been built is my brainchild, i like to call it the Busakart. yes, that's right, a 1300 cc go kart, top speed, 189 mph (with a lot of straight and a guy driving with his ass 2 inches from the ground on an uber steering responsive go-kart, it will be done, if i have to do it myself...muhaahaahahahahahamuhaha.)
that gixxerkart just drifted that big ass turn, in 6th.

Yep, it also does 0-60 in 3 sec.

and it's a clutch, God, the fun you could have...
by don August 17, 2005
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