When you go out, work hard y'know? Giver. Like 110%
Its your buddy's stag or something and you just shotgunned 2 in a row.
Best man: Alright lets go buddy time to giver, 1 more.
Guy about to be married: OK!!
*They shotgun*
Almost married dude yacks then says: I fuckin gaver and thats all that counts!
by Sauce24_7 November 09, 2011
A term of encouragement shouted while someone is attempting to do something requiring great strength or speed.
"I can't get this window open!"
"Come on, giver!"
by MarkusRTK January 22, 2004
You just go out and you give'r. You keep on working hard.
Terry: Hey Dean, Trish needs me in the bedroom for a sec.

Dean: Ok man, just fuckin Give'r.
by Terry69er June 19, 2011
No matter how bad it is just do it.
Giver Jim. Who cares if you look like an ass. GIVER.
by Jeremywp3 March 31, 2004
Giv'er is seen on actor Tyler Labine's hat during the movie "Tucker and Dale vs Evil".

Giv'er is slang for Give her, and mostly used by hillbillies, hicks, and rednecks.
It can be used as:

Example 1:

Ima Giv'er the cock tonight.


Example 2:

Guy 1: Look at that HOT ass.
Guy 2: Go hit on that thang.
Guy 1: By tonight ima Giv'er my dick and bend her over and make her bark like a chicken.
by Matt Dick the Bacon Cowboy December 31, 2011
Cracking A Pilly And Shot gunning it, Then repeating numerous times.
Um lets go giver
*Goes shot gunn pilly*
by Nate duncan February 24, 2004
To give into the act of sex; to "give er a try"
Hey breeze, let's giver
by Hatz March 07, 2005

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