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glitch in the matrix. used to refer to those events in which something goes wrong but is commonplace (esp. with technology). e.g. snafu 2.0
huggybear: what happened? your IM showed you as logged off.
bubbybear: i dunno. gitm
by chrysanthalbee August 27, 2008
'glitch in the matrix'. used to describe internet and technological inconsistencies. can also be used to describe misunderstanding between people irl
me: what happened you went offline for a few seconds
you: i dunno what happened.. gitm
by chrysanthalbee July 30, 2008
initialism for 'Get in that minge'. It does not necessarily mean to enter a womans' minge; rather, it can be used in the following ways:

1) An expression of excitement: it is appropriate to say it when a fitty walks past you, especially in the presence of friends, to ensure that she does not understand what you are saying.

2) To encourage your friend to talk to a girl: sometimes a girl will look at your mate but, instead, they're too nervous to make conversation; by shouting 'GITM' at your mate -- one letter at a time -- it will inject them with a sudden rush of confidence

3) More loosely: for when anything good happens!!!
1) She is dead gorgeous -- yeah, that girl that just walked past us -- GITM!

2) Mannn that girl is well into you, can't you see her looking at you?...GITM!

3) That was a banging goal...GITM!; GITM!...I've no work today because it's the weekend; GITM!...I just won the lottery!
by Robbie Masters March 12, 2010