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by sky May 10, 2003

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guitar bass bass guitar fiddle gitfiddle git-tar guh-tar
a guitar or a similar instrument in the guitar family. no references to instuments in the string family.
you broke the string on my gitfiddle! my gitfiddle has six strings. Can you handle me my git fiddle
by mike van sickle ,jordan piz May 01, 2008
A name for a guitar, resulting from arguments over the proper pronunciation.

May also refer to a bass guitar played with a bow typically used on non-electric double-basses.
"GIT-tar! - Guh-TAR! - It's a git-fiddle, shut up."

"Havin' fun flailing on your git-fiddle, there?"

The instrumental combination played by musicians such as Chris Wood of Medeski, Martin, and Wood.
by Tenth Speed Writer July 16, 2008