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A poor unfortunate, who has failed to land gainful employment, and has to rely upon the fortnightly pittance of Jobseekers allowance.

A lazy, workshy soap dodger, who would rather eat his own excrement, than have to get up and go to work every morning. Although, somehow, they still manage to smoke an eighth of dope every day, and are never more than an arms length away from a two litre bottle of white lightning.
Constantly drunk, and/or stoned, due to the shame caused by being such a useless, unemployable bastard. Would like to work, but the CSA would take all his wages, to pay for the string of kids he has fathered on various gullible women.
Jeremy (Kyle) "You haven't even got the backbone to look for job to support your other five children, so why should we believe you're anything other than a no good, lazy, shiftless, dope smoking giro monkey?"

"Actually Jeremy, I've an interview on Thursday, for a labouring job, with Mikey the Pikey"
by BadBeast March 30, 2010
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