A friend who happens to be a girl, god damn it. There is a fucking difference between a friendship with the literal only other sex/gender, people. The world needs to grow up and stop being twelve-year-olds.
Luke: "God, Matilda is such a friggin' dingus."
Jimmy Junior: "Hey, guess what"
Luke: "What"
Jimmy Junior: "Shut up, dingus. Matilda's a really cool girl friend. Er... friend girl...? Girl who is a friend... Screw this. I don't need to explain myself. Gender equality, mother fuckers!"
by leriggz August 06, 2015
Piece of ass that will not leave.
"That bitch has been here for three days! WTF is she your girlfriend or something?"
by gentleJuggernaut December 24, 2009
Something most guys are lucky to have.
Girl: Aw, do you have a girlfriend?
Guy2: Yes man, isn't she a hot piece of ass?
Girl: How did you get a girlfriend? You must be lucky.
by McLovinz August 23, 2009
An item one should rent and not buy.
Robert: Word, nigga. What you go and get a girlfriend foh? I likes ma money and gets me a blowjob for like $25. You went though all your green in one night!
Townsend: Meh.
by fucwad August 20, 2004
Similar to calling 'shotgun' in a vehicle, but rather than just the front seat, the one who calls 'girlfriend' sits in the middle of the front seat.
Driver: ok, let's get going!
Person one: I call Shotgun!!
Person two: Then I call girlfriend! (Thus securing a seat in the front)
by Timbit625 August 16, 2008
A weapon, usually a gun. Refer to your "girlfriend" before a fight and watch your enemy falter. By calling your weapon your girlfriend, you are indicating that you are so fucking crazy you think you have an intimate, loving, even sexual relationship with your weapon and cherish it and will kill anyone who messes with it. Thus, it implies a love for fighting and getting buckwild on cowards.
Never leave me baby, I'm paranoid
Sleepin with you loaded by my bedside, crazy
Jealous when you hang with the fellas, I wait patiently alone
Anticipating for the moment you come home
I'm waitin by the phone this is true love, I can feel it
Had a lot of women in my bed, but you the realest
So if you ever need me call, I'll be there through it all
You're the reason I can stand tall, me and my girlfriend

Q: Why the hell did Pac wait by the phone for his gun to call him?
Somone whos there to be with oyu no matter what. Occasionaly thye'll fuck up and dump you and say shit like. "Oh its cool i always be in love with you. Your vital to my existence." Then you just feel like shit because your like the gay best friend. -_-
*the old girlfriend to ex thats "vital to existence"* Will you hold my purse while i go dance with my new boyfriend? *hands purse and kisses cheek* Thanks love you!
by BBWolf September 01, 2006

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