Similar to calling 'shotgun' in a vehicle, but rather than just the front seat, the one who calls 'girlfriend' sits in the middle of the front seat.
Driver: ok, let's get going!
Person one: I call Shotgun!!
Person two: Then I call girlfriend! (Thus securing a seat in the front)
by Timbit625 August 16, 2008
something that i will never get becuase of fake boyfriends.
I tried to get that girl, but she poited a random boy out and called it her boyfriend.
by Anonymous November 06, 2003
a evil girl that's taking hold your balls and wont doubt to tighten if, in her way of thinking sees that you make a mistake.
Friend: Hey, we are going to **** disco tonight,you are coming, dont you?

Boyfriend: I dont know, man. My girlfriend really hates when I go out, she thinks I just will want to get laid
by Ruopolo September 16, 2007
a firearm; a handgun; a type of weaponry
all i need in this life of sin, is me & my girlfriend, down to ride to the bloody end, just me & my girlfriend.
by Aaron Franklin February 23, 2005
Something you fuck?
I dont have a girlfriend
by AloneWithPorn September 08, 2010
A damn good replacement for a game system.
"This feels real good, my hand never felt this good.
by Balla-4-Life September 03, 2003
An item one should rent and not buy.
Robert: Word, nigga. What you go and get a girlfriend foh? I likes ma money and gets me a blowjob for like $25. You went though all your green in one night!
Townsend: Meh.
by fucwad August 20, 2004

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