a gay hipster. alternative gays who tend to go to straight parties that are associated with hipsters.
hey, did you see that gipster at misshapes last night?
by gigikinks December 25, 2006
Top Definition
Gay hipsters; gay (sometimes bisexual) male akin to the indie community. Has elegant taste in films (Bergman, Allen, Trier, Almodovar, Godard, and Wong are very popular in this group), music (ranging from Joanna Newsom's Ys to Broken Social Scene, Final Fantasy, Deerhunter, Björk, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, of Montreal, Patrick Wolf, The Fiery Furnaces, electronica, and usually what is actually good, not just indie) literature (almost all are writers), art (Most are not artistically capable, but interest is undoubtedly present. Some make art, regardless of ability and skill.) etc. Often vegan or vegetarian, some European exceptions. Also, statistically either a Taurus or a Gemeni. Can speak more than one or two languages. (French and Swedish are very common; the former nearly mandatory.) Sex and the City, Skins, and Absolutely Fabulous are essential for television, as well as an ironic TV series on which Lifetime: Television for Women airs reruns. (The Golden Girls and Roseanne are most common.) They usually smoke weed and/or drink alcohol regularly. Major, gay-friendly cities will attract them; the Bay Area and Chicago are most common. Librarians in later life; known for sense of fashion.
2006 was truly a gipster's dream come true for music with such releases as The Knife's Silent Shout, Grizzly Bear's Yellow House, Owen Pallett's sophmore, and, of course, the crown jewel gipster garabe (hipster garabe)... Ys by Joanna Newsom.
by blueberryboat August 05, 2009
somebody who is hipster but can't fully commit to being goth or vice versa
Tess is such a gipster, she always acts like a hipster but has the hair of a goth.
by brody713 September 10, 2014
Describing someone who comes off as gay, while being a hipster.
Did you see Jonah Hill on Conan the other night? He came off as a real gipster.

I was a fan of Jared Leto's movies, but he has turned into a gipster the past few years.
by Johnnie Hopkins September 24, 2011
gangster+hipster = gipster

appearance: cut-off skinnies, v-necks, studded belt, facial scruff (preferably mustache), manks (man tanks), bling, plastic shades - probably gets majority of clothes from urbanoutfitters or urban apparel or american apparel

lean (yum)
must know how to throw up the blood sign and/or lean like a cholo, but is also very hipster somehow
Humphrey is such a gipster. Did you see him on his bike?
by gipstergipster June 22, 2010
Though commonly mistaken as a 'gay hipster', which is an impossibility due to the fact that hipsters are too gay even for gay people, a gipster is actually an aging hipster.

A hipster who is over the age of 25.
17 year old hipster with fake ID - "Man this party is weak, everyone here is a gipster."

24.5 year old hipster - "Seriously. Let's go to Urban Outfitters then get some fair trade coffee."
by Subgeo November 22, 2009
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