A southern word for vagina.
I got me some ginner last night.
by Amanda Renee May 15, 2005
Top Definition
A meal filled with gay-themed foods.
Our dinner of sausage and fruity pebbles sure made a great ginner.
by Ashley LaFrance December 31, 2010
A slang term referencing a person with ginger hair - usually associated with usage in the North West of England.
"Look at that dirty ginner and her dirty ginnerish kids"

"Oh my, you didn't tell me your new boyfriend was a ginner - lets burn him!"
by Winn-Dixie October 22, 2011
When you only have Gin for supper it is called Ginner!!
Ted, what are you going to eat for supper? I am not eating supper tonight I am having ginner!
by S Richards May 20, 2009
a distusting foul breed of male with greasy ginger or rust coloured hair with appaling acne and massive freckles covering face.
chris evans-tv presenter
by chris proffitt January 06, 2004
The thing that hangs between a mans legs, ie the penis.
I hold my ginner when I pee.
by Capo Sorzie March 12, 2008
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