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a cave where gingers are bred and raised. this is why they do not fair well in the sun. it has not been determined if the environment inside these caves plays any part in the gingers soullessness.
morgan won't be coming outside today. it's much to sunny for her to leave the confines of her ginger cave.
by dr mike hancho November 15, 2010
a group of gingers who band together and disclude non-gingers and make funnies.

symbol is to put your hands over your head and duck your head a little, and say "ginger cave, tehe" =)

once a member of the ginger cave always a member.

amazing people haha.
Dude the ginger cave is the bomb.

I am a member of the ginger cave and we just make fun of non-gingerlicious people.
by inspired_soccer November 04, 2009
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