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Ginasfs is a Fall Out Boy song, and Internet 'slang' for gay is not a synonym for SHITTY, yes shitty, not stupid.

Person 1: she is sew gay lolz!#@$^&#O66!!
Person 2: GINASFS.
by MarianaPWSNYOU December 26, 2007
Name of the bonus track on Fall Out Boys album 'Infinity on High'
Stands for GAY IS NOT A SYNONYM FOR SHITTY something which was said by Pete Wentz in a previous interview.
Retarded FOB Fan: Dude what the HELL does that FOB track stand for??
Person: What? G.I.N.A.S.F.S
by Ryan Terror April 16, 2007
both a fall out boy song and a internet shorthand for 'gay is not a synonym for stupid'
on the Internets
Guy 1; Dude, that's so gay.
Guy 2; ginasfs!
by Cera~ May 26, 2007
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