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bigger than humungus
damn! that tree is gimungous
by Thinh Le October 03, 2003
2 2

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Absolutely massive, bigger than pretty much anything. A fusing of the words ginormous and humungous.
The Universe is expanding. If this is true, by now it must be gimungous
by John Carpenter January 25, 2005
15 5
Freaking Huge!!!!

Similar words: Gi-Normous, Gigantic, Gi-Jumbo, Gi-Normic
That guy has Gi-Mungous biceps!
by Supa Diesel April 30, 2007
3 1
is a HUUUUUUGE, emphasize on the HUUGGE factor object, or person. In this Context mainly a person
the perfect example would be Monica Diep, she is HUUUUGE nad when you ssee her youll be liek "whoa...thats gimungous alright, damnn" XP
by Yuai August 10, 2006
2 3