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A gregarious anthropoid ape (Pan troglodytes) of sub-tropical western society, having long dark hair and somewhat arboreal habits and exhibiting humanlike behavior with a minimal degree of intelligence. Donning a leather full faced gimp mask or hood with zip, It is now considered vulnerable to extinction in the wild but thriving in urban area's. Answers to the name Quentin Colin or Cedric.
If you decide to change the meaning of MY word you're a gimpanzee!!!! kapeesh?
OMFG, you're such a gimpanzee!
When im older i want to be a gimpanzee!
What the fuck is a gimpanzee?
by Adam Clegg July 19, 2003
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take a look in the mirror
)2 president george W bush
by johny cum lately March 21, 2005

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