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to laugh uncontrollably for no apparent reason, sometimes even forgetting what it was you were laughing at. Usually associated with smoking marajauna.
Wow! You are REALLY gimpin' out!

Watching that movie made me gimp out.
by DoubleRR May 25, 2009
aka tardout. to freak out, do something clumsy or gimpish. also to suddenly act crippled or hurt.
you spilled that beer all over me! why do you always have to gimpout?
by darkmugan May 27, 2005
1. n. a fuck up that implies incompetence or stupidity

2. v. to fuck up in such a way that one's competence or intelligence is called into question
1. That was a major gimp out.

2. You really gimped out.
by noobcracker June 07, 2010
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