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Violent, but loved individual.
My gillybean just stabbed me, still love her though.
#gill #is #gay #moore #violence
by Dr. Tom Moylan PhD. in wordology December 15, 2007
A rare and endangered species often hunted for their natural prodiness. The Gillybean is a crossbread between a turtle and a panda. Often found in the eastern coast of Scotland, the gillybean thrives in the moist conditions. Vey cute and prodible, the Gillybean should not be underestimated as they have razor like teeth that results in about 4 human deaths each year. Altough there are thought to be as little as 100 Gillybean living in the wild.
Damn!! That Gillybean is prodable.
#gilly #bean #rare #turtle #panda
by The toitle May 16, 2010
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