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Gilly Hicks is an upcoming upscale and moderately priced Underwear brand from American lifestyle brand and company Abercrombie & Fitch Co. The brand will become the fifth from the company, and was initially known as Concept 5. Steeped in an Australian theme, Gilly Hick's will offer men's and women's underwear.
I love underwear from gilly hicks.
by angelina is so cool January 01, 2008
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An underwear/bra and loungewear store owned by Abercrombie and Fitch. There's only like 6 of them in the country and It's walls are covered with pictures of dudes from australia that only have a hand covering their "areas" and the girls only have a tree branch covering theirs. You can go their if you want to buy overpriced bras or need a dressing room to camp out in since some of them have beds in them. WHen you walk in a peppy girl or guy will tell you "Hi! Welcome to GIlly Hick's the CHeeky cousin of Abercrombie and Fitch!!!!" Many older people mispronounce the name "Gilly" as "Jilly" which is pretty damn annoying.
1.Hey girlfrennndd!! Have you checked out GIlly Hicks its like hellaaaa amazingggg nd theirs lots of naked dudes on the walls!!! =D

2. OhEmGee did you know that our very own WestFarms Mall is home to one of the 6 Gilly Hick's stores??!?! LIKE NO WAY.

by lalalyrrgaay December 21, 2008
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Gilly Hicks is an Abercrombie spin-off brand. Gilly Hicks is much like AE's Aerie, it sells underwear. Gilly Hicks, like many Abercrombie brands, has a certain theme.
Gilly Hicks's fictional story claims that the British family Hicks moved to Sydney, Austrailia, where the daughter, Gilly, opened an underwear shop.
The first Gilly Hicks was opened in January 21, 2008 in the Natick Collection.
I went to Gilly Hicks in the Natick Collection, the best mall ever. <3
by Miyako-chan September 12, 2008
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this store is new. and is from A&F, i love this store.
it has the quality feel of abercrombie, and the prices of hollister.

i hate hollister.
its gilly hicks austrailia
by x5cr34mforM3 March 23, 2008
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Gilly Hicks is a bra and underwear store which also sells the usual things that abercrombie sells. Mostly hoodies, tees, and fleece bottoms. It is the cheeky cousin of Abercrombie and Fitch. It's theme is australian. There are only 6 stores open write now! LOVE IT THERE!! Visit GIlly Hicks!!! All you haters are probably going to start running off hating on Gilly Hicks! Well, YOU GUYS NEED TO STOP AND GET LIVES!! Sorry to say that...
Girl 1: Maybe we should check out the new store, Gilly Hicks?
Girl 2: SURE!
Goth 1 (overhears): Gilly Hicks? I guesse if they like it then lets hate it.
Goth 2: Sure.
Girl 1: GET LIVES! Just cause we like it doesn't mean you need to hate it! I have nothing against you guys! Like i'm going to hate what you do!
Goth 3: So.
Girl 2: We have feelings but apparently you guys don't!

*Hope you get the point*
by Hollister Chick March 25, 2009
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a bigass storee recently opened up from A&F.
darker than hollister&easy to get lost into.

there's an exit route @ thee cornerr.
everywhere you turn is thongs&panties&g-strings;

girl: "what the hell?! isn't this the exit? we're still fucking lostt; bitch get us outta here >_____>'.

girl's mommy: "waitwait, look @ these mannequins. they're naked with the fripples sticking out&shit. RIDICULOUS, but i like it."

girl: "garr fuck Gilly Hicks."
girl's mommy: "what are you talking about? this place is fun to mess around in(;"


by laurel lam :D. September 01, 2008
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