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Grandma I'd Like to Fuck
Grandfather I'd Like to Fuck
Guy I'd Like to Fuck
Girl I'd Like to Fuck

Or anything else beginning with G that you might feel the urge to have sex with, but fucks sake - NO ANIMALS
Heather Collins: Felix Brueggemann thinks louis walsh is a GILF :O
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Felix BrueggemannWhat!? O_O! WTF!? JESUS Fu... O_O :|
It worries me that you think that way o.O
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannWhat the fork? Im just shocked
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannYou have scarred me.
Yesterday at 20:05 · Delete

Felix BrueggemannI will never forgive you.
by FelixB666XD November 23, 2009
Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck
Derek, did you see the saggy funbags that 60-year-old hag??? That's a textbook example of a GILF! Aw yeah!!!
by Bolton April 27, 2004
Like (to)
Did you see Jason's grandmother, the hottest GILF east of the Mississippi?
by Danger November 09, 2003
acronym for Grandmother Id Like to Fuck
lady in bowflex commercial
by mreee March 30, 2005
Acronym for "Grandma I'd Like to Fuck". Derived from "MILF" (Mother I'd like to fuck)

Generally referring to a sexually attractive middle aged to elderly woman.
Jenny's hotness runs in the family. Her mom is one hot MILF, hell even her grandmother is quite the GILF!
by werdnerd August 24, 2004
Governor I'd Like to Fuck- from 40 something Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. Palin was a former beauty queen (winning 2nd place in Miss Alaska) and TV sportscaster. Rumor has it that Sarah has a nice rack, but if so she keeps her sweatermeat well-hidden.
"That Sarah Palin is such a total GILF, duuuuuuude! I'd like totally fuck her!"
by Mo Dixley September 01, 2008
A grandmother who is considered desireable. Acronym for "Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck".
"Dude, Glen's mom is a total GILF."
by Henry Rose April 10, 2006
grandma i like to fuck

grandmother who is usually in her 40's.
dudeee your grandma is such a gilf.
by alexander D October 27, 2005