Grandother I'd like to fuck, as in a woman in her 40's that still looks really good
Yo, my girls mom is a total G.I.L.F.
by nikki mendoza January 16, 2007
Grandpa id like to fuck.
(Something Alisha will never be)
Damn, look at Nathaniel over there, he may be old but he's still a goodie. such a GILF
by donotcontest December 18, 2013
Grandpa I'd Like to Fuck

Acronym born from "Grandma I'd Like to Fuck" which was the spawn of MILF or "Mom I'd Like to Fuck".
"I joined For old people? My odds are great against those 50 year old hags. I did a search for Widowers? There's some serious GILF action on there."
by Meat Chele November 06, 2011
noun: (n)
A grandmother/father who one would like to have sexual relations with.
Look at the GILF!
by JJBoBo92 October 15, 2011
Same as MILF, but aimed at 'Grannies'!
I'm going out GILF Hunting tonight!
by MILFBY July 12, 2009
Acronym for "Grandmother I'd Like to Fuck," meaning a sexually attractive woman who is a grandmother.
Kid A: Did you watch the 2008 vice presidential debate?
Kid B: Yeah, but i was just staring at Sarah Palin the entire time. Shes such a gilf.
by Chocl8ThundR January 01, 2009
Governor I'd Like To Fuck.
Sarah Palin's a G.I.L.F.
by ShuttaShades October 10, 2008

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