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Giant and huge at the same time. Remember, Omega Ridley invented this word.
by Omega Ridley October 27, 2003
29 13
A combination of the words giant and huge usually used to describe anatomical traits
Did you see her? Her breasts are gi-hugic!
by taraist February 03, 2010
1 0
Bigger than gigantic, and huge -- at once.
by anonymous March 19, 2003
27 27
"Gigantic" and "huge" merged together.
Ryan's dog is gihugic.
by Rachel Stokes April 21, 2008
9 16
A word used to describe something that is both huge, and gigantic. Magnanimous.
See: Jennifer Lopez's ass.
Jennifer Lopez's ass is gihugic.
by Micah Hartsock April 21, 2008
6 17
adjective: Gigantic + Huge + Cubic. Word to describe an incomprehensibly large three dimensional volume such as the known universe or infinite parallel universes.
The whole of space and time can be described as gihugic in size, volume, and shape.
by William Burns February 12, 2007
5 20
The size of my cock and balls.

From grade school in the 1970's.

It was not created in 2003, contrary to what this site states.
My cock and balls are gihugic, like that tramps ass.
by tha malcontent March 30, 2005
5 41