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Insanely large object (hybrid of giant and humorous), particularly women or men who take up multiple seats on public transporation
I got on the R train this morning and a gigundous lady tried to squeeze into the seat next to me. Needless to say the non-greased pole and the right side of my body were not happy.
by bkbound73 March 23, 2012
a way to define realy big or great things in a cool way.
that elaphant shit is gigundous
by KC Reeve December 05, 2003
large, big, awesomly huge, giant, humongous
Mr.C~ Wow yesterday I saw this dude he was Gigundous
Cowgirl~Wow...he must hav been tall
by boo01313 March 15, 2009
A made up word to describe something large in size... not to be confused with ginormous, which is a real word.
That prime rib sandwich was gigundous!!
by cinciBLH November 11, 2011