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Vanity Smurf sleeps with the other Smurfs. He's definite gigolo
by Gwen Stefani Grrl June 21, 2004
a male prostitut; sleep with peeps for them dollaz
Yo,cuz, he a little gigolo! He fucked that girl for them Benjamins.
by Brittany-Ghetto Princess October 24, 2003
a lad tht sleeps with alot of girls for or not for money
hey man your a gigolo
by BIGDAVE December 17, 2003
A man that keeps himself togeter,like his apperance, his gear, and is alwways busy,he gets attention from all of the women.
I'm a gigolo, spending lot's a dough
You can tell the way wide-body, sitting on vogues
And how I'm shining, wit the fresh, fresh clothes
Always surrounded, by so many (HO!)
I'm a gigolo, always on the go
Everytime I turn around, I got another show
In the club, hit about three in a row
Drop in the Six, 'cause I love them (HO!)
by SweetAsSuga December 23, 2003
a guy who is paid to screw a woman. Basically, it's a male prostitute. Sells himself for money because he's a loser and can't get a girl friend so he tries to make himself feel good inside by screwing a girl. He tries so hard but still isn't happy so later in life he commits suicide by slitting his wrists an neck.
The gigolo muff dived the kinky woman.
by Nico H. February 29, 2008