A term of endearment, especially towards a person of romantic and/or lustful interest.
Hey giggle berry, I love you.
by AznLolz March 21, 2009
Top Definition
Noun: testicles, nuts, balls, bits, jewels, nads, DNA factory, knackers, tonkers, bollocks, nutmegs, stones, huevos, cojones, valseuses, grapes, diamonds, cobblers, marbles, gonads, eggs, kintama, love blobs
My friend is in the hospital after getting smacked in the twig and giggleberries with a frying pan.
by Twiggy April 05, 2005
Male reproductive storage sack..
Oh, that man just got kicked in his giggle berries..
by Jimi Spier November 27, 2007
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