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a polite term for jizz.
"Oops, I just Giggled in my pants."
by jahrastafari42 February 04, 2010
46 68
A slang term for ejaculate or ejaculating. AKA Chuz, Sass, sperm, jizz, spluge, etc.
I giggled on her face.

She let me giggle on her face.

I took a picture of her with my giggle on her face.
by rok paypuh sizzuhz October 02, 2008
42 66
term used to describe girls traveling or hanging out in a group. similar to the words pack, flock, pod, and herd.
"oh look, there goes a giggle of girls."

"a giggle of girls can generally be found traversing or near to the bathroom."
by drow89 May 29, 2009
19 47
When you hook up with someone just to have a little fun, nothing serious. Sometimes used in a bad way from the person who was hoping it was more then just a hook up. Used in the Who movie quadrophenia so my guess its of British origin
Good Way
Nic: Hey so whats up with you and Colette?

James: Ah nothin just having a little giggle

Bad way
Colette: Wtf? I liked you!! What am i to you? some giggle?!?!?!

James: Uhhhhh yeah
by James Meyerhoff January 22, 2009
34 64
Using Google to search for web sites with jokes, funny images or otherwise amusing and laughable content
- Look what I just Giggled.
- Oh man, that site is sooo funny (lol, as they say...)!
by plankspanker February 23, 2009
16 51
noun - a group of girls. more than three, but less than ten.
that giggle of girls was having a shopgasm all day long!
by al gee April 28, 2007
37 73
sarcastic response to a question
You're 'aving a giggle aint ya?
by Zani September 23, 2003
34 80