Old School term used in Oakland, California, USA, & other major American urban areas to describe and/or denote a demonstration of a remarkably fun-to-watch, quirky, but groovy, usually solo dance performance, typically used in deference to male demonstration of such dance.
"Dang! White boy was "giggin'"! Translation: The caucasion male performed a remarkably fun-to-watch and obviously fun- to-perform dance maneuver(s)!
by seadawgg February 12, 2010
Most commonly used in the act of "frog giggin". This stands for frog fishing in redneck/ white trash terms. The amount of people giggin doesnt matter, the more people, the more frog legs. Easily accomplished by using a stick.
Jim: hey bob you wanna go giggin?

Bob: Hell yeah Jimmy, let me get my stick!

Jim: Alright, ill get the budweiser.
by Redneck Guy June 13, 2010
The giggins is a real thing not to be confused with Indian folklore or mythical creatures. They must commonly are equipped with larger than life breasts - that each have there own heart beat. It is the PC way of calling girl big - she is a giggin not a biggin.
Person 1: Did you see that girl boy how much do you think those tits weight?
Person 2: IDK but she is a giggins.
by Giggins Master 3000 December 20, 2010
Thizzin', rollin', poppin' some Ecstasy!
Man last night at that club I was giggin' so hard...
by Mistera June 26, 2007
to be really excited, happy, or just flat out enjoying life.
Man i just ate penn station and i was giggin at how good them fries was!
by Giggin' January 30, 2009
A term used to describe something that is so good that there is no other term to discribe it. Can be used when describing a person, event, or object.
Almost interchangible with: Cool, Sweet, Hot, Awesome, Smokin', sexy, Bomb, etc.
1."That car is giggin."
2."Look at that girls ass... she's giggin!"
3."Oh man, you brought me a 40...giggin!"
by Chad December 11, 2004
Excelling at an activity

adj: gigful - something that is the best
past tense: gigged
present tense: gigs
basketball stat: gig - making the crowd say "ooooooo"
you gigged when you hit the last four cups in a row in beirut last night.

pearl jam is gigful.
by Andy Chappell March 20, 2004

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