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A derp of massive proportion.

Derp is a common phrase used after committing an act of stupidity. It is also an adjective to describe those actions and the people who commit them. The gigaderp is as intense as over 9000 normal derps.
Newscaster: In a stunning gigaderp, Rep. Weiner showed the whole Internet his weiner."

Man: What a gigaderp.
by Technautilus January 02, 2012

1. More than the normal derp. Like a gigabyte, Giga Derp is one-billion derps. See "Derp".

2. A über derpy being, one who is derpy to the maximum.


1. To giga derp is to either (a) troll a whole lot (b) to annoy someone very much.

2. To be a Giga Derp.


1. Being Giga Derpy

2. Of the Giga Derp kind
Dude I'm giga derping this game around, the other players are flipping out.

Giga derping is not allowed in this chat room
by Giga Derp January 12, 2014