One thousand megaboos
My iPhone has a gigaboo of boo
by Pipe Downn May 12, 2011
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A discriminating term for a african american. Usually used to put down or humiliate.
Tovis is a stupid gigaboo.
That damn gigaboo stole my tv.
by M C Coleman (the illist) September 04, 2005
A bog monster found in a scary story, or a fairy tale.
The Gigaboo popped out of the trees and scared the campers
by Gigz-327 March 05, 2010
a white kid that acts like he is black.
lamar is a gigaboo and need to be shot!
by mr.o February 26, 2005
a female version of a boo.
Hey, check out my new gigaboo
by Paul Mitchell January 31, 2007

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