A Myth

A creature that is spoken of, but never seen. All evidence of existence is hearsay.
Gigas is a myth.
by Spiderman June 06, 2003
Top Definition
Prefix meaning "billion" (10^9).
Gigameter = 1 billion meters.
Gigawatt = 1 billion watts.
Gigajoule = 1 billion joules.
Gigaemo = 1 billion emos(what a shame).
Gigashit = 1 fuckload of shit.
by SgtGunneryHartman April 01, 2005
A person who is a complete asshole, and is totally ignorant. Also, usually a person who NEVER gets laid.
cheatster03: I'm giga!
by alksjdf June 30, 2004
Cigs, Stoges, Stokkks-(in Hebrew)
Yosh-Give Me a Giga
Brandon-Damn it
by IM'A'GE March 28, 2009
giga is a superior being, smarter than all humans. giga is always correct on any subject matter, and holds the ultimate truth on how the world should be.
That's a tough question. I know, lets ask giga for the answer!
by g April 06, 2004
Is a place for all lost souls in the internet. There are kiddies,nerd,ulvi,noob,hax0r,scriptkiddies and many other losers or rul0r
Also it is maybe the greatest internetparty in the world.
Rod loves Giga. *g*
by IjonTichy May 05, 2004
giant, over sized, abnormaly large
theres this chick at my school who has a fore head thats like 2x as big as her face and every one calls her giga doam.
by kick ass irish kid April 22, 2004
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