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A poem written as a parody to The Jabberwocky
"Beware the Gibberwank, my son!
The mouth of shyte, the words of crap!
Beware the unfounded statement, and shun
The spurious Rumorcrap!"
by Dr.Dive February 08, 2009
A popular idea or statement passed around within a subset of the population as if it was factual, but for which there is no supporting evidence. A fusion of "gibberish" and "wanking".
The idea that most unemployed people are lazy pot-heads is just gibberwank spread by uber-conservatives.
by Dr.Dive February 08, 2009
A wanker who is talking gibberish.
George Bush was the most notable gibberwank of the early 21st century.
by Dr.Dive February 08, 2009