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A popular idea or statement passed around within a subset of the population as if it was factual, but for which there is no supporting evidence. A fusion of "gibberish" and "wanking".
The idea that most unemployed people are lazy pot-heads is just gibberwank spread by uber-conservatives.
by Dr.Dive February 08, 2009
From the term gateway drug but referring to beer. A beer that acts as a gateway to drinking tastier, more delicious craft beers. A beer you drink because you truly enjoy the flavor, not just as a reason to get schnockered.
It was drinking Old Spotted Sow that finally turned me away from factory made lite lagers. It was my gateway beer.

I started out drinking fool fizz as a gateway beer. After that I moved on to more hoppy, malty beers. Now I can't drink anything else.
by Dr.Dive June 25, 2010
A poem written as a parody to The Jabberwocky
"Beware the Gibberwank, my son!
The mouth of shyte, the words of crap!
Beware the unfounded statement, and shun
The spurious Rumorcrap!"
by Dr.Dive February 08, 2009
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