Synonymous with cool or awesome.
Excellent; first-rate.
1. "Fred has a giant fro."
2. "Chris' party was pretty friggin' giant."
3. "I got a new model ant yesterday. Check it out." "Giant!"
by Philippe Jones September 13, 2005
a reely big thing
wow yre head is like ... giant!!
by homsar August 10, 2003
a noun, a person, place, or thing
Im trying to burn that giant up.
by Norfolkson October 11, 2005
A reely reely big thingamajig! Says me Martin Mathers!
Seto Kaiba is a Giant wussie!
by M. Mathers February 24, 2004
Super bowl 43 champs w/ located stadium in New Jersey
Yo did you see the Giants kill the Patriots?
by Joey man February 05, 2008

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